Windows Membership Software

Windows Membership Software

MASS for Windows

There are two different versions available to choose from:

A. Standard - Subscription

- Any Organisation or Club requiring a Subscription and Event (optional) membership management system. Includes cash receipting, plus much more…

B. Professional - Invoicing

- Includes full Invoicing and Billing (Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable).


Additional features for both Standard and Professional

Screenshots of MASS for Windows


MASS for Windows - Standard

- collection and storage of member's details

- personal and professional details

- membership classifications

- relationship of a member to an external organization e.g. employer, company, sponsor


Add-on Modules:

For cost of each Add-on for MASS for Windows please see Pricing


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MASS for Windows - Professional

- offers all the features of Standard, but replaces the subscription method with a full invoicing and billing module (Accounts Receivable)

- unlimited fee type

- create invoice, record payments and allows transaction editing

- tracks member’s balance

- reports for banking and audit - cash receipts

- interfaces with most accounting systems either by:
- Transferring totals (monthly)
- Exporting a csv details file


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Additional features for Standard and Professional versions

See also our Features page

- user definable fields and labels

- ability to redesign screens

- backup/restore

- full help system

- extensive reporting facility

- mail merge - letters, labels, badges

- in-built query tool

- supports Crystal Reports

- import/export function

- choose your own colour schemes and menus for each Logon

- dynamic configuration - see the new layouts immediately


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These are examples of MASS for Windows screens. It is up to you how they are designed.


Login Screen


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Reminders screen


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Membership Screen

Member screen

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Subscriptions Screen


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Member Type Screen

Member Type


See the Video Presentations links to the right of the page for further examples.


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