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 10TEST03   10 test 03    Annex    None   04/02/2019  Mon   10:00   Wkly  
 19TEST03   19Test 03 Time test    Annex    Brooksy Brooks-Norton   04/02/2019  Mon   10:00   Wkly  
 19ICTDI1   All About Your Digital Images    Annex    Rosalie Arnold   08/04/2019  Mon   12:30   Wkly  
 19ICTDI2   All About Your Digital Images    Annex    Rosalie Arnold   23/10/2019  Wed   9:30   Wkly  
 19ICTBD1   Basic Digital Scrapbooking - Photoshop    Annex    Rosalie Arnold   10/04/2019  Wed   13:00   1 day  
 19ICTCW1   Clever Creative Word    Annex    Anne Riddell   09/04/2019  Tue   14:00   Wkly  
 19ICTCW2   Clever Creative Word    Annex    Anne Riddell   02/07/2019  Tue   14:00   Wkly  
 19ICTEI1   Explore the Internet and be amazed    Annex    Peter Norton   02/04/2019  Tue   9:30   Wkly  
 19ICTEI2   Explore the Internet and be amazed    Annex    Peter Norton   03/09/2019  Tue   9:30   Wkly  
 19ICTAM1   Getting the most from your Mac computer    Annex    Bruce Moffatt   02/07/2019  Tue   10:00   Wkly  
 19ICTBP1   Introduction to Basic PC Computers    Annex    Rosalie Arnold   07/10/2019  Mon   13:00   Wkly  
 19ICTBI1   iPad for Beginners    Annex    Jill Condie   13/02/2019  Wed   9:30   Wkly  
 19ICTBI2   iPad for Beginners    Annex    Dawne Wallace   01/03/2019  Fri   13:00   Wkly  
 19ICTBI3   iPad for Beginners    Annex    Graham Cooper   29/04/2019  Mon   9:30   Wkly  
 19ICTBI4   iPad for Beginners    Annex    Peterprefferd Pavey   22/05/2019  Wed   13:00   Wkly  
 19ICTBI5   iPad for Beginners    Annex    Dawne Wallace   05/07/2019  Fri   13:00   Wkly  
 19ICTBI6   iPad for Beginners    Annex    Jill Condie   04/09/2019  Wed   9:30   Wkly  
 19ICTIR1   iPad Review and Refresh    Annex    Dawne Wallace   26/04/2019  Fri   9:30   Wkly  
 19ICTMD1   Managing Documents, Photos & Emails    Annex    Peter Blyth   03/10/2019  Thu   13:00   Wkly  
 19ICTEX1   Organizing with Excel    Annex    Andrew Cikalov   09/10/2019  Wed   13:00   Wkly  
 19ICTBE1   PC Computer Skills for Beginners    Annex    Peter Blyth   07/02/2019  Thu   13:00   Wkly  
 19ICTBE2   PC Computer Skills for Beginners    Annex    Peter Blyth   02/05/2019  Thu   13:00   Wkly  
 19ICTPF1   Photo Filing & Editing Course    Annex    Peter Norton   12/11/2019  Tue   9:30   Wkly  
 19ICTPI1   Photography with an iPad    Annex    Jill Condie   29/04/2019  Mon   13:00   Wkly  
 19ICTPI2   Photography with an iPad    Annex    Jill Condie   03/07/2019  Wed   13:00   Wkly  
 19ICTPE1   Photoshop Elements    Annex    Rosalie Arnold   05/02/2019  Tue   13:00   Wkly  
 19ICTPP1   Presenting with PowerPoint    Annex    Andrew Cikalov   13/02/2019  Wed   13:00   Wkly  
 18TEST02   Test for Dates 2    Annex    None   04/02/2019  Mon   10:00   Wkly  
 19ICTWX1   Windows 10 - The Next Step    Annex    Peter Norton   05/02/2019  Tue   9:30   Wkly  
 19ICTWX2   Windows 10 - The Next Step    Annex    Will van Beveren   24/04/2019  Wed   13:00   Wkly  
 19ICTWX3   Windows 10 - The Next Step    Annex    Peter Norton   04/06/2019  Tue   9:30   Wkly  
 19ICTWX4   Windows 10 - The Next Step    Annex    Will van Beveren   09/09/2019  Mon   9:00   Wkly  
 19ICTWX5   Windows 10 - The Next Step    Annex    Will van Beveren   18/10/2019  Fri   9:00   Wkly  
 19ICTWG1   Windows 10 Getting the best out of it    Annex    Graham Cooper   04/02/2019  Mon   9:30   Wkly  
 19ICTWG2   Windows 10 Getting the best out of it    Annex    Graham Cooper   01/07/2019  Mon   9:30   Wkly  
 19ICTWG3   Windows 10 Getting the best out of it    Annex    Graham Cooper   05/08/2019  Mon   9:30   Wkly  
 19ART06   Drawing    Art Room    Maryanne MacPhee   06/02/2019  Wed   9:00   Wkly  
 19ART10   Drawing Practice - SELF HELP    Art Room    Jude Burrows   17/07/2019  Wed   9:00   Wkly  
 19ART08   Drawing wildlife-Pencil & Pastel-Beginne    Art Room    Allison Roche   04/02/2019  Mon   11:30   Wkly  
 19ART11   Drawing wildlife-Pencil & Pastel-Interme    Art Room    Allison Roche   04/02/2019  Mon   14:00   Wkly  
 19COOK01   Fabulous Foodies    Art Room    Anne Bould   06/02/2019  Wed   10:00   Mthly  
 19LAIT04   Italian Advanced    Art Room    Ank Crees   05/02/2019  Tue   11:30   Wkly  
 19ART05   Oil Painting & Mixed Media    Art Room    Bruce Brunsdon   07/02/2019  Thu   9:30   Wkly  
 19CRFT03   Printing Plus    Art Room    Margaret Thompson   17/07/2019  Wed   11:30   Wkly  
 19CRFT05   Sculpture in Clay - Beginners Course    Art Room    Antoinette Bonnici-Carey   20/02/2019  Wed   14:00   Wkly  
 19GAM11   Social Games    Art Room    Maria Grasso   07/02/2019  Thu   13:00   Wkly  
 19CRFT02   Textiles and Beyond    Art Room    Keithia Coppen   08/02/2019  Fri   14:00   Wkly  
 19ART01   Watercolour - Beginners    Art Room    Jan Oliver   05/02/2019  Tue   14:00   Wkly  
 19ART03   Watercolour Advanced    Art Room    Margaret Thompson   06/02/2019  Wed   11:30   Wkly  
 19ART07   Watercolour Painting for Beginners    Art Room    Joan Vida   04/02/2019  Mon   9:00   Wkly  
 19LAFR02   Basic French    Attic    Rosemay Oxenham   05/02/2019  Tue   11:45   None  
 19GAM12   Beginners Bridge    Attic    Fay Murphy   05/02/2019  Tue   15:30   Wkly  
 19GAM13   Beginners Bridge    Attic    Fay Murphy   16/07/2019  Tue   15:30   Wkly  
 19LITF07   Book Chat    Attic    Valerie Norton   21/02/2019  Thu   12:00   Mthly  
 19CRFT06   Complete Beginners Knitting/Crocheting    Attic    Carol Hodge   14/02/2019  Thu   11:30   2&4  
 19LAFR07   French Intermediate    Attic    Rosemay Oxenham   05/02/2019  Tue   9:30   Wkly  
 19LAG01   German for travellers    Attic    Karen Lange-Rolls   08/02/2019  Fri   11:30   Wkly  
 19LAG02   German intermediate    Attic    Karen Lange-Rolls   08/02/2019  Fri   9:00   Wkly  
 19LAT02   Latin Intermediate    Attic    Angela Milsom   04/02/2019  Mon   14:00   Wkly  
 19LAT01   Latin language and culture an intro    Attic    Michael Small   06/02/2019  Wed   9:00   Wkly  
 19LAT03   Latin prose and poetry    Attic    Angela Milsom   04/02/2019  Mon   11:30   Wkly  
 19MBS02   Practical Philosophy - Advanced    Attic    Andrea Franken   06/02/2019  Wed   14:00   Wkly  
 19MBS01   Practical Philosophy - Beginners    Attic    None   06/02/2019  Wed   11:30   Wkly  
 19MBS11   Basic Chinese Medicine    Bert's Shed    Patricia Koby   04/02/2019  Mon   9:00   Wkly  
 19GAM15   Chess    Bert's Shed    Bill Simms   05/02/2019  Tue   14:00   Wkly  
 19EXE08   Tai Chi for Beginners - Yang Style    Bert's Shed    Keithia Coppen   04/02/2019  Mon   12:00   Wkly  
 19EXEM14   Test for new    Buderim 12    Brooksy Brooks-Norton   10/05/2019  Fri   12:30   2&4  
 19TIME   Time Test    Fred's Shed    Tubby Tutor   02/08/2019  Fri   1:00   Wkly  
 19EXE05   Ballroom Dancing    Hall    Doris Marmion   05/02/2019  Tue   18:30   Wkly  
 19MBS05   Beginners Gentle Yoga, Meditation & Phil    Hall    Gill Gordon   04/02/2019  Mon   12:00   Wkly  
 19PERF14   Choral Singing & Performance    Hall    Heather Bird   07/02/2019  Thu   13:30   Wkly  
 19CRFT01   Currawong Crafties    Hall    Jeannie Bridger   08/02/2019  Fri   13:00   Wkly  
 19EXE04   Fan Dancing    Hall    Sarah Shi   06/02/2019  Wed   9:00   Wkly  
 19EXE20   Fit & Fun    Hall    Karen Svendsen   05/02/2019  Tue   15:30   Wkly  
 19MBS06   Gentle Yoga, Meditation with Philosophy    Hall    Gill Gordon   04/02/2019  Mon   14:00   Wkly  
 19CRFT04   Knitting for adult beginners    Hall    Deb Trayler   03/05/2019  Fri   13:30   Wkly  
 19ART04   Mixed Media Self Help    Hall    Maryanne MacPhee   08/02/2019  Fri   10:30   Mthly  
 19EXE03   Shake, Rattle and Roll    Hall    Helen Gordon   07/02/2019  Thu   10:30   Wkly  
 19EXE12   Tai Chi Advanced    Hall    Marg Lester   07/02/2019  Thu   9:30   Wkly  
 19EXE13   Tai Chi Advanced    Hall    Naomi Toy   06/02/2019  Wed   13:00   Wkly  
 19EXE14   Tai Chi Advanced    Hall    Maryanne MacPhee   07/02/2019  Thu   12:00   Wkly  
 19EXE15   Tai Chi Intermediate & Advanced    Hall    Maryanne MacPhee   04/02/2019  Mon   10:45   Wkly  
 19EXE11   Tai Chi: Advanced Beijing 24    Hall    Di Lewis   04/02/2019  Mon   9:00   Wkly  
 19EXE06   Tai Chi: Beginners    Hall    Ray Musgrave   04/02/2019  Mon   9:45   Wkly  
 19EXE07   Tai Chi: Beginners    Hall    Kaye Waghorne   06/02/2019  Wed   11:00   Wkly  
 19EXE09   Tai Chi: Beginners & Intermediate    Hall    Di Lewis   08/02/2019  Fri   9:00   Wkly  
 19EXE10   Tai Chi: Intermediate    Hall    Christine Ying-Goon   06/02/2019  Wed   12:00   Wkly  
 19ART02   Watercolour - Intermed    Hall    Jan Oliver   06/02/2019  Wed   14:15   Wkly  
 19LAHEB1   Beginners Hebrew - Interesting Ivrit    MR1and2    Yaqirah Herut   08/02/2019  Fri   11:30   Wkly  
 19LAFR04   Buy a French Cake (French Conversation)    MR1and2    Annick Archambault   04/02/2019  Mon   14:00   Wkly  
 19GAM10   Cryptic Crosswords Experienced    MR1and2    Georgina Simmons   13/02/2019  Wed   14:00   2&4  
 19GAM09   Cryptic Crosswords Inter. - Self Help    MR1and2    None   06/02/2019  Wed   14:00   1&3  
 19ART09   Drawing Practice - SELF HELP    MR1and2    Jude Burrows   06/03/2019  Wed   9:00   Wkly  
 19LAFR03   Everyday Conversational French    MR1and2    Sue Renner   08/02/2019  Fri   9:00   Wkly  
 19LAFR05   French Conversation 2    MR1and2    Juinie Seletto   05/02/2019  Tue   9:00   Wkly  
 19LAFR01   French for beginners    MR1and2    Juinie Seletto   05/02/2019  Tue   14:15   Wkly  
 19LAFR09   French Intermediate    MR1and2    Lydie Pradier   07/02/2019  Thu   14:00   Wkly  
 19LAFR11   French Level 4    MR1and2    Juinie Seletto   05/02/2019  Tue   11:30   Wkly  
 19LAG03   German Self-Help    MR1and2    Anna Rosenberg   07/02/2019  Thu   11:30   Wkly  
 19LAIT01   Italian for beginners    MR1and2    Joanne Blake   07/02/2019  Thu   9:00   Wkly  
 19LAIT03   Italian Intermediate    MR1and2    Bronwyn Street   04/02/2019  Mon   9:00   Wkly  
 19SCIE07   Science or Snake Oil    MR1and2    Tom Jeavons   06/02/2019  Wed   9:00   Wkly  
 19MBS04   The Science of Mindfulness    MR1and2    Tom Jeavons   09/10/2019  Wed   9:00   Wkly  
 19DISH02   Current Affairs - Behind the Scenes    MR2    Michael Small   13/02/2019  Wed   11:30   2&4  
 19LAFR06   Everyday Conversational French 2    MR3    Sue Renner   05/02/2019  Tue   12:00   Wkly  
 19DISH12   Fascinating 20th Century Women    MR3    Diane Bell   07/10/2019  Mon   14:00   Wkly  
 19LAFR12   French Advanced    MR3    Lydie Pradier   06/02/2019  Wed   14:00   Wkly  
 19LAFR08   French Intermediate    MR3    Mary O'Connor   07/02/2019  Thu   9:15   Wkly  
 19LAFR10   French Intermediate    MR3    Sabine Smith   04/02/2019  Mon   9:30   Wkly  
 19LAIT02   Italian 2    MR3    Bronwyn Street   04/02/2019  Mon   11:30   Wkly  
 19GAM04   Mah-Jong Club    MR3    Marie Chatterton   04/02/2019  Mon   14:00   Wkly  
 19GAM03   Mah-Jong Friday    MR3    Bob Brooke   08/02/2019  Fri   9:00   Wkly  
 19GAM02   Mah-Jong Thursday    MR3    Marie Chatterton   07/02/2019  Thu   11:30   Wkly  
 19GAM01   Mah-Jong Wednesday    MR3    Maria Grasso   06/02/2019  Wed   9:30   Wkly  
 19DISH10   Mother tongue - the story of English    MR3    Diane Bell   15/07/2019  Mon   14:00   Wkly  
 19GAM14   Social Bridge    MR3    Barry Murphy   05/02/2019  Tue   15:30   Wkly  
 19LASP02   Spanish for travellers    MR3    Maria Pignon   26/04/2019  Fri   14:00   Wkly  
 19LASP04   Spanish for travellers    MR3    Maria Pignon   11/10/2019  Fri   14:00   Wkly  
 19LITF05   Whodunnits in Ancient Rome    MR3    Sue Renner   19/02/2019  Tue   9:30   Mthly  
 19LITF06   For the Love of Reading    Music Rm    Anna Rosenberg   01/03/2019  Fri   11:30   Mthly  
 19PERF07   Organ    Music Rm    Renate Moore   07/02/2019  Thu   11:30   Wkly  
 19PERF08   Piano A    Music Rm    Valerie McKenzie   12/02/2019  Tue   9:30   Wkly  
 19PERF09   Piano B    Music Rm    Sue Whittingham   05/02/2019  Tue   11:30   Wkly  
 19PERF10   Piano C    Music Rm    David Cannon   07/02/2019  Thu   9:00   Wkly  
 19PERF11   Recorder Group 1    Music Rm    Sue Lyons   05/02/2019  Tue   14:15   Wkly  
 19PERF12   Recorder Group 2    Music Rm    Ruth Hilton   06/02/2019  Wed   9:00   Wkly  
 19PERF13   Singing For Fun    Music Rm    Norma Stewart   06/02/2019  Wed   13:30   Wkly  
 19LASP01   Spanish for Beginners    Music Rm    Diana Peral   04/02/2019  Mon   11:30   Wkly  
 19DISH05   TED talks    Music Rm    Marg Lester   11/02/2019  Mon   14:00   2&4  
 19DISH09   The evolution of the English language    Music Rm    Ian Higgins   04/02/2019  Mon   9:00   Wkly  
 19SUBS   Subs test for Peter    None    None   04/04/2019  Thu   0:00   None  
 20TEST01   Test 01    None    None   03/04/2019  Wed   12:30   1 day  
 20ART02   Test Course    None    Peter Norman   29/07/2019  Mon   1:30   1 day  
 19TEST   Test enrolments- Terry    None    Terry Moar   01/11/2019  Fri   9:30   1 day  
 19TEST04   This is only a test    None    None   08/08/2019  Thu   15:00   None  
 19SCIE04   Astronomy    Off Campus    Peter Norman   12/02/2019  Tue   14:00   Wkly  
 19SCIE05   Astronomy    Off Campus    Peter Norman   13/02/2019  Wed   14:00   Wkly  
 19EXE16   Bike Ride - Leisurely    Off Campus    Brock Lawes   08/02/2019  Fri   10:00   Wkly  
 19EXE19   Bushwalking    Off Campus    Bruce Moffatt   09/02/2019  Sat   9:00   Wkly  
 19EXE17   Cycling Group    Off Campus    Bruce Moffatt   10/02/2019  Sun   9:00   Wkly  
 191DA04   Fossil Beach Mornington excursion    Off Campus    Ian Stevenson   06/03/2019  Wed   10:00   1 day  
 19EXE18   Golf for Fun    Off Campus    John Russell   07/02/2019  Thu   9:00   Wkly  
 191DA06   Let's Go: Dandenongs    Off Campus    None   07/06/2019  Fri   8:50   1 day  
 191DA06A   Let's Go: Tudors to Windsors    Off Campus    Diane Bell   29/04/2019  Mon   8:15   1 day  
 191DA02A   Marv Melb: Govt. House & La Trobe's Cott    Off Campus    Barbara West   18/02/2019  Mon   9:00   1 day  
 191DA02B   Marv Melb: State Library of Victoria    Off Campus    Barbara West   26/03/2019  Tue   9:30   1 day  
 19PERF02   Music For Pleasure - Monday    Off Campus    Judy Cumming   04/03/2019  Mon   13:30   Wkly  
 19PERF03   Music For Pleasure - Tuesday    Off Campus    Judy Cumming   05/03/2019  Tue   13:30   Wkly  
 19EXE01   Petanque Monday    Off Campus    John Grigg   04/02/2019  Mon   14:00   Wkly  
 190SOC01   Solos    Off Campus    Kay Barrow   04/02/2019  Mon   9:00   Spcfd  
 19LITF04   The Free Readers Book Club    Off Campus    Di Lewis   13/02/2019  Wed   9:30   Mthly  
 19EXE21   Walking gently around the Peninsula    Off Campus    Ruth Marriott   06/03/2019  Wed   14:00   Wkly  
 191DA05   Western Port Boat Excursion    Off Campus    Ian Stevenson   20/03/2019  Wed   9:30   1 day  
 19DISH03   Armchair Travel    Portable    Valerie Norton   28/02/2019  Thu   14:00   Mthly  
 19MBS08   Assertiveness & Effective Communicat    Portable    Vicki Long   27/08/2019  Tue   9:00   Wkly  
 19LITF03   Book Discussion Group (1st Thursday)    Portable    Rod Tacon   07/02/2019  Thu   14:00   Mthly  
 19LITF01   Book of the Month (2nd Monday)    Portable    Beryl Beaney   11/02/2019  Mon   11:30   Mthly  
 19LITF02   Book of the Month (2nd Thursday)    Portable    Beryl Beaney   14/02/2019  Thu   14:00   Mthly  
 19LITF13   Brush up your Shakespeare    Portable    Max Garrard   19/02/2019  Tue   14:00   Mthly  
 19PERF05   Come to the Ballet    Portable    Joanne Blake   01/07/2019  Mon   14:00   Wkly  
 19LITF11   Creative Writing Group    Portable    Lindsay Coker   06/02/2019  Wed   11:30   1&3  
 19LITF10   Creative Writing Workshop    Portable    Graham Cooper   06/02/2019  Wed   9:00   1&3  
 19GAM07   Cryptic Crossword Beginners 2    Portable    Jo Fortune   12/02/2019  Tue   14:00   2&4  
 19PERF06   Da Blues    Portable    Brock Lawes   12/08/2019  Mon   14:00   2&4  
 191DA03   Enduring Power of Attorney and Wills    Portable    Elaine Thompson   18/02/2019  Mon   14:00   1 day  
 19LITF09   Exploring Poetry    Portable    Helen Dick   13/02/2019  Wed   9:30   2&4  
 19DISH07   Family History    Portable    Barb Geeves   29/07/2019  Mon   9:00   Wkly  
 19DISH08   Family History    Portable    Barb Geeves   29/07/2019  Mon   11:30   Wkly  
 19LITF16   Festival of Contemporary British Film    Portable    Maurice Johns   08/02/2019  Fri   19:30   Spcfd  
 19LITF14   Film Discussion    Portable    Jenny Rolleston   21/02/2019  Thu   14:00   Mthly  
 19DISH11   Gardening with native plants    Portable    Kaye Mackay   02/05/2019  Thu   9:00   Wkly  
 19DISH04   Important Issues for Australia    Portable    Lindsay Coker   06/02/2019  Wed   14:00   1&3  
 19SCIE06   Introduction to Birdwatching    Portable    Pam Hearn   10/10/2019  Thu   9:00   Wkly  
 19MBS10   Introduction to the Buddha's Teachings    Portable    Pip Ransome   12/02/2019  Tue   9:30   Wkly  
 19PERF01   Listening to/understanding Great Music    Portable    Manny Colvin   05/08/2019  Mon   13:30   1&3  
 19SCIE01   Living Younger Longer    Portable    John Beaney   07/02/2019  Thu   8:30   Wkly  
 19SCIE02   Living Younger Longer    Portable    John Beaney   20/06/2019  Thu   8:30   Wkly  
 19SCIE03   Living Younger Longer    Portable    John Beaney   17/10/2019  Thu   8:30   Wkly  
 19DISH06   Lunchbox YouTube    Portable    Anne Riddell   25/02/2019  Mon   11:30   Mthly  
 19MBS03   Mind Body Spirit    Portable    Val Ollive   05/02/2019  Tue   11:30   Wkly  
 19PERF04   Opera Appreciation    Portable    Robert Chard   08/02/2019  Fri   13:00   Wkly  
 19LITF08   Reality Reads    Portable    Diane Bell   14/02/2019  Thu   11:30   Mthly  
 19LASP03   Spanish Intermediate    Portable    Robert Weber   08/02/2019  Fri   9:30   Wkly  
 19DISH01   That was Then    Portable    Gus van der Heyde   04/02/2019  Mon   11:30   1&3  
 19LITF12   The Flicks    Portable    John Beaney   07/02/2019  Thu   17:00   Mthly  
 19LITF15   The joy of poetry workshop    Portable    Edwin Creely   16/02/2019  Sat   10:00   Mthly  
 19MBS07   The well of life    Portable    Diana Peral   04/02/2019  Mon   9:00   Wkly  
 19GAM06   Trivia - But Not Trivial    Portable    Terry Moar   21/02/2019  Thu   11:30   Mthly  
 19MBS09   What is Yoga?    Portable    Lydie Pradier   29/04/2019  Mon   14:00   Wkly  
 191DA01   Your Life in Your Hands    Portable    Anne Riddell   04/03/2019  Mon   14:00   1 day  
 191DA01A   Your Life in Your Hands    Portable    Anne Riddell   29/10/2019  Tue   14:00   1 day  
 19EXE02   Petanque Tuesday    Rose Garden    Peter Norton   05/02/2019  Tue   14:00   Wkly