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This product is currently used in many different organizations around the world.
From sporting clubs, who organize all their own events and results to Charities who run activities and fund-raising. From Corporate companies that track their member companies and large Trade Unions running their large membership base.

The beauty of MASS is its chameleon ability!

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MASS was reviewed by Tucows shareware library reviewers and was given a five-cow rating! This is the maximum rating any software product can receive from Tucows.


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MASS was reviewed by Paul's Picks shareware library reviewers and was given a five-star rating! This is the maximum rating any software product can receive from Paul's Picks.

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Lord Somers Camp and Power House
MASS was originally designed with our organisation in mind, and as such more than delivers on our specifications. The Author is a delight to deal with and very responsive to suggestions. Every new release brings welcome surprises. We have about 10,000 members in a multi-user environment. The user-manual is very comprehensive (so the office staff tell me), but I have no need to consult it.

Ian Gibson, Managing Director.
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Personal Best Fitness Centre
The administration of running our Gym was based more on a manual system until we installed MASS. This value for money product has streamlined how we track payments using credit cards and direct debits. We are now able to do our own direct debiting system, which even allows credit card validation. All the information required for reports or members is at our fingertips. When scanning in members, we are able to get messages with varied pictures for certain issues that need resolving. We are now able to implement most of our marketing through MASS. The configuration setup took 5 minutes. The support for new features was excellent along with the assistance in getting our old data electronically updated from the old database.

Assistant Manager
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University of Ballarat Student Association (UBSA)
We have MASS (for Windows) running on PC's across our campus all talking to a remote Web database thousands of miles away. We can even access the database from home. Our student members can access and edit their details via any web browser. We can also use the web browser to perform administration functions. We are very happy with this solution and have had no problems.



Association of Taxation and Management Accountants(ATMA)
The ATMA exists to promote the welfare and professional development of its members' and, to represent its members special interests and needs. MASS fits right in with this philosophy. It provides us with all the functionality to manage our member information from invoicing to CPDs (Competency Professional development). We run a lot of workshops and seminars and MASS streamlines our records and payments. No more double handling. We run a multi-user version across the network and will also synchronise a version on the Web.

Bob Duncan



Victorian Rogaining Association
Our organisation is very unique in the way we handle our membership and subscriptions. MASS has proved to be flexible enough to allow our many different users many ways of entering subscriptions and entries into our events. We run MASS across a remote laptop and PC, updating one from the other. We produce newletter mailing labels, which integrate overdue accounts via Mail merging into MS-Word. At events we need to produce fast reports, and they are. The author is very accommodating to special add-on requirements.

Phil Giddings
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DSF Literacy and Clinical Services
We are an organisation that assists children and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. We run a lot of workshops, where we need to prepare class information, and track both Course and Student history. We have various membership groups with differing requirements. Subscriptions are maintained on a yearly basis. As a Not for Profit organisation, accurate statistics are vital for reporting to those bodies that assist us, and crucial to our organisation for both planning and assessing our programs. MASS has been a wonderful tool to provide all our requirements. When we found we needed to track other information the vendor, Peter, quickly showed us how that could be done. As membership coordinator, (with very little experience with computers) I have found Peter’s willing participation and assistance invaluable. My queries have been answered immediately, and Peter has cheerfully led me to a greater understanding of the value, benefit and application possibilities of MASS. The program is thankfully easy to navigate, and all the staff involved with MASS can thoroughly recommend it as a very useful and enjoyable system.

Priscilla Kelly
Membership Coordinator


BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria
Introducing MASS to BMWMCCVic: Our club is part of the Australian and International BMW Clubs organisation with a growing membership of around 1000, mostly in Victoria/Tasmania but also in other parts of Australia. It is a strongly social group with an interest in all things to do with BMW Motorcycles and motorcycling, providing opportunities for individuals and families of all ages to interact.The club organises a diverse range of regular get togethers, rides and events for its membership, produces a high quality magazine, BeeEm, on a monthly basis, and operates a web site www.bmwmccvic.org.au to encourage member communications.The integrity and accuracy of our membership data and the timeliness of communications is very important to the effectiveness of club operations.Historically our database was a standalone, single user system. With continuing growth in membership came the need for more flexible administration, access by multiple users to help spread the volunteer workload as well as improved effectiveness of committee and support roles in the club management structure.With the purchase of the MASS software, our data now resides in a mySQL database, on an Australian located server, accessible to multiple MASS users (club officials) and via a web interface we provide specialised reporting and database functionality to a broader range of club support functions.The transition from our old standalone system to MASS required us to do a large scale data cleanup as well as review and improve many of our internal processes. Overall, with the bulk of the learning curve behind us and the central membership administration processes under control, we would expect to begin to exploit a broader range of the functions offered by MASS and to explore the potential to open up appropriate aspects of the database to all members via a php/web interface.Along the way, whilst implementing MASS, support, advice and training have been provided very effectively and requests to incorporate our unique requirements have been resolved quickly.




Our demanding needs required a robust high end product. We have 25 thousand members and 600,000 invoice transactions. MASS was able to import these records from our Access database and run very efficiently. Special requirements were handling Apprentices which the author added into the product. We now have a fully functional multi-user system, which will save us a lot of money. We have 5 to 10 operators using MASS.

Office Manager


The Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration (AIJA)
We use MASS to manage our Association member Invoicing and payments. We have many combinations of Invoice amounts for member types and it all works well. We do a lot of mail merging (and envelopes) to our different member types. Training from Soft Sys was exemplary. Great product. They also developed our Web site which has been terrific.

Membership Secretary

Australian College of Audiology
MASS manages our Members Invoicing and their competencies and much more. Compentencies can be imported from the Web site or manually vetted and entered. Our members must be up to date with competencies and get a certificate every year, which is produced from MASS. Setting up mail merge documents is very easy. Creating spreadsheets of data is also very easy. Providing statistics of our membership to our committee of management is very important and easy to do. Setting up extra users to plug into the database is straight forward. Our technical support people have a 1 minute conversion with Soft Sys to resolve the problem, although the User guide is very comprehensive (we should read it one day!). Our database Web site was developed by Peter at SoftSys on time and on budget - there was a big specification sheet.

Membership Secretariat

The Retirement Village Association (RVA)
We had a very unique requirement that was not available on the market place, and with our previous vendor we "pulled our hair out'' trying to get it to deliver. Since going with MASS we could not be more pleased. We had a module developed that integrates seamlessly into the membership screen. We have several staff using MASS every day and they enjoy using it. We are always pleasantly surprised when Soft Sys put in requests from customers, which we all benefit. We pay the support fee to ensure we are up to date with versions and get all the support we need.

Membership Secretary

The Victorian Artists Society
Our requirements for a Membership system was recording Members, subscriptions with varying amounts and types, Enrolments into our Art courses, Special interests, mail merging and statistics. A quick response time when searching was important and MASS does this on 15 different fields instantly. We are extremely happy with our choice and the price was reasonable.


Australian Dental Prosthetists' Association (Victoria)
We needed to get our Membership records in order and be able to scan in members when they attend a conference. We implemented MASS and commissioned a new module that will scan in attendance and allocate Competency points for attending. We can use multiple laptops for scanning. This all works and has saved us days of work. We print off certificates from the attendance module. Peter has been very responsive to our needs and is fun to work with. After many years we finally upgraded and are pleased with the new features.

Chief Executive Officer

Electrical, Telecommunications and Renewable Energy Contractors Association Inc
We are new association and looked around for a suitable Membership product that could handle our requirements which included Direct debit and in the future Credit card deductions. Out of the box MASS did 99% of what we required and by the time we puchased MASS it did 100%. We use it in-house and have been impressed at the versitility and speed.

Membership Secretary

(Pizza Shop)
We have started up a Loyalty program for our customers and required a membership program to manage it. We came across MASS and the vendor provided a lot of remote help in setting up our 2 separate computers, one which is used to scan in the customer loyalty cards. These statistics are kept for a month and we send out a letter or email to those customers who qualify. So we only use the basic membership screen and the attendance module. We make a backup of the data and then load it on our off-site computer to do the reporting and mail merge stuff.

Kamil Rezk
Antonio’s Pizzeria
Caringbah. NSW 2229


Country Alliance

Country Alliance is a political party registered in Victoria with a growing membership and a growing need to service its membership. The MASS system was chosen from a wide range of online and stand-alone systems to replace our Access database for several reasons. It is flexible, well set out and automates the issuing of membership renewals and electronic payments such as BPay. MASS has helped us in many ways and is more than a database. It helps us manage our communications with our members, candidates and provides a range of reports and statistics that we are finding increasingly useful to have. We certainly recommend it.

Neil Jenkins

Green Left

As a small alternative newspaper, Green Left Weekly required an issue-based subscription program to replace our ageing in-house system. We also needed to combine with this with a membership database. We collaborated closely with Peter over several months, explaining what we required and testing the solutions he developed. Working with Peter was a very pleasant and fruitful experience. The end result of our interaction is an extensively customised version of the basic MASS program which very successfully meets our needs.

Dave Holmes

Apex Foundation

We manage donations and memberships.

Sapna Agarwal
Executive Officer, Sydney

Macquarie Conservatorium

We manage Student enrolments with optional family invoicing, and statistics.

Vivienne Winther

Automotive Alternative Fuels Association Inc

We manager our Alternative Fuel association members and administer their licensing plates.

Anthony O'Mara
Operations Manager

Anne Huxtable - Sound Therapist

The Joomla Web site meets exactly our needs. It includes Newsletters, Events and downloads. Training was included and I now manage the site.

Anne Huxtable


University of the 3rd Age: Mornington

Web Course enrolment and Member management. We are fully Web based.

Peter Norton
Mornington Branch

University of the 3rd Age: Nunawading

Web Course enrolment and Member management. We are fully Web based.

Andrew Lockwood
Nunawading Branch

University of the 3rd Age: Whittlesea

Web Course enrolment and Member management. We are fully Web based.

Glen Wall
Whittlesea Branch