UMAS (for Web)

The Web module is an unlimited multi-user system, including unlimited administration access.



up to 500 records $6,000
up to 750 records $9,000
up to 1,000 records $12,000
up to 5,000 records $18,000
up to 10,000 records $24,000
unlimited records $30,000

Support per annum: Free 1st year, then based on Purchase price at 20% per annum.


Base price is as above. It can be hosted on your Web server or we can provide one for you in your area. It is designed for your Members to log on and check their details and perhaps enter an Event or pay their subscriptions. Talk to us about your Web requirements. Paypal, direct debits and credit Cards are available..

All modules are included.
Includes UMAS4M which is 'U3A Membership Administration Software for Members' an add-on to core UMAS which provides a better interface experience to Members.

Installation and Setup may apply at $150.00 per hour or as quoted. Installation and setup is simple and usually included in the purchase price.

Enhancements are at $150.00 per hour or as quoted. These are very unlikely.

A Website (Wordpress) with integration to the UMAS database is also available.

Note. Victorian U3As are supported via a License agreement with U3A Network Victoria.  Currently UMAS/UMAS for Members/Website Template installation and support costs are born by U3A Network Victoria and cover all U3As in Victoria. If you are a Victorian U3A wishing to take up these systems, please contact U3A Network Victoria.


MASS for Windows

Standard and Professional Windows version



Single and Multi-user up to 500 records $5,000
Single and Multi-user up to 1,000 records
Single and Multi-user up to 5,000 records
Single and Multi-user up to 10,000 records
Single and Multi-user unlimited records

Support per annum: Free 1st year, then optional. based on Purchase price.


All modules included

  • Family
  • Attendance
  • Expenses
  • Special Interests
  • BPay (Bill pay)
  • Automatic Periodic Payments for Credit cards or Direct Debit
  • Conferencing (Additional to the Events/Activities)
  • Competency
  • Unit class enrolment

 Updates between versions and number of users is the difference in price.


Ordering and Payment

We accept direct deposits and credit card payments online via our Paypal account. You may also mail your order with a cheque.

  • Credit Card
    • Order on-line with a Credit Card using PayPal. Ask us for the details.
  • PayPal
    • Order on-line with PayPal. Ask us for the details.
  • Direct deposit
    • Make a direct payment. Please email us for our bank account details

Note: Online order processing is completely encrypted and handled securely via PayPal.
Before ordering get a quote.