Frequently asked questions

We have a Windows 7 PC and the license is expired

When installing on a Windows 7 64bit PC the installer used to install the runtime on one path of Program Files\MASS\VDF121\Bin and the 2 license files will install in \Program Files (x86)\MASS\VDF121\Bin (This only happens if you forget to click the checkbox 'installing on a Windows 7 PC'). If you installed into a 64bit PC without selecting the 64 bit checkbox the correct licensing files may not be updated.

Solution: Copy over the 2 files from the \Program Files\MASS\VDF121\Bin to \Program Files (x86)\MASS\VDF121\Bin

Now the program will start up.

If you wish to point to the data on a server (not this workstation), then:
If Windows7 has UAC set real high and you are not an administrator you will not be able to make a change to the file in \Program Files\MASS\Programs\ If you change the permissions of the Folder this may solve the issue or if you set UAC to the lowest level you can do these changes. Change these settings so that you can edit this file, or edit this file in another folder or memory stick and then replace it.

Please note that the location of the Data folder can be changed to a public location. This is done by editing the MASS.WS file in the c:\Program Files\MASS\Programs folder.