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Mail merging to an email - how do I do this in Word 2003?

Instructions for email to work:
1. Run the MASS Member reports/mail merge
2. Select the Document to merge as an Email document. eg. Member - Notice Email document. This example document has been set up with the email field as the email address for emailing.
3. When the Word document opens select from the Word (version 2003) Menu Tools-Letter & Mailing > Mail Merge 
4. In the right hand panel in the Mail Merge wizard:
a. Click next. The document type should be email messages
b. Click next. Use the current document (Default) 
c. Click next. Use an existing list (default)
d. Click next. Write your email message (it already exists, edit if neccessary) 
e. Click next. Preview
f. Click on (Merge) Electronic Mail
g. Select the mail format. eg. Attachment, plain text, html, then click on OK 
This send all the emails.