Frequently asked questions

How can we go about designing our own reports?

A report query tool is integrated which allows you to design and save reports as queries. These reports can then be output as text, CSV, html etc.

Crystal report writer is supported. This gives you unlimited reporting capabilities. Crystal Reports is a product from Crystal decisions (Seagate software), and needs to purchased separately. See

The alternative is to have us write your unique report. Or,

Dynamic AI.

Dynamic AI is an advanced tool for creating easy-to-use, actionable information from complex data. Its scope includes high-level summaries, detailed drill-down reporting, graphing and data visualization, and a variety of ways to export or auto-deliver information in the form most effective for users and decision-makers.

You can see Dynamic AI results on your computer's screen or printer, in Excel, in your in-box or on an iPhone! It's an advanced product with the capability to bring new value and competitiveness to your application and new excitement to your users.

Automated Intelligence

First, "Automated Intelligence" - the ability to quickly accomplish complex results with mouse clicks instead of programming. For example, establish a database connection and literally, with one click of your mouse, have Dynamic AI completely automate the process of finding useful summaries in your data, and present a series of clickable snapshot reports and graphs that can be used as is or evolved into other forms of information delivery. Another aspect of Automated Intelligence is “Drag and Drop” report building – using mouse clicks and drags to transform a simple row/column list into summarized pivot tables with drill-downs.

Note. It is unlikely you will need any other reporting