Version Updates


Minor changes to the Windows product

Major changes to the Web product.

  • Class Unit/time enrolment, with no payment. Invoices for classes based on head of house.
  • New enrolment payment reports includes class payments, discounts and credits.
  • Email and PDF enrolments to head of house.
  • When a Cash receipt is Cancelled from an Enrolment it is now recorded in an audit trail.
  • General enhancements
  • Web Stuff: 

    Deleted Courses: If a Member is deleted from a Course the deleted Course will be shown in red under the heading Enrolments and Subscription on the Member Details form. From June the deleted Course information will not be shown in History.
    Course Restrictions: It is now possible to restrict the number of Courses within a Parent Code that a Member can enrol in. If a Members enrolment exceeds the stated number a message will be displayed and they will have to change their enrolments on the Course Listing and try to enrol again.
    Security Access Levels: When Member details are edited a new option has been added to set “Access security”. Members by default are = 0 Admin Tier1=1, Admin Tier2=2, Reception=3, Tutors=4 and Treasure=5. Details of what the different levels can access are stated on an attached sheet.
    Send Emails: A new menu item has been added to make the sending of emails easier. Emails can be sent to all Members or Member Type (Members), previous Members who have not enrolled this year (Subscriptions), Members in a particular Course (Enrolments) and members who have enrolled but not paid their subscription (Cash Receipts). Web addresses are “live” for the recipients and the facility to add attachments to the email. Care must be taken to avoid sending out unnecessary or incorrect emails which irritate and annoy Members.
    Course Listing Colours are set in the System settings. This could be blue for a wait-listed Course and dark-yellow for Course that have finished. New Courses could be green. The colours can be changed by the Administrator. “Hovering” the mouse over the Course provides additional information.

  • Ability to produce a list of enrolments via a Company/Organisation
  • New fields to allow compatibility between the Windows and Web version
  • Ability to limit the number of enrolments for a person into events per subscription
  • A Volunteer module. Manage volunteers and positions. Great for the public and members to see online.
  • New range of Statistics
  • More sort columns for Activities/Courses online
  • Tutor lookup for courses online
  • Activity dates with auto-generate days and the dates, based on eg Weekly, Fortnighty

  • Quick payments via Activity-enrolment screen, using only buttons allocated to a subscription or activity
  • Attendance stand-alone screen has more configuration options
  • Invoice reprints can do PDF attachments via email
  • Ability to force the Batch number to be displayed when starting MASS, so it can be edited.
  • Turn on the Member Ticket for Attendance
  • Switch on the Cash Drawer for Quick Pay (used in Enrolling)
  • Ability to enter in the codes for the Cash Drawer (in System settings)
  • 2 definable buttons in Enrol by Activity with a concession option, so no typing required. Auto-fills in the amount.
  • In Invoices and Receipts the ability to add in a Rich Text Format document under the Invoice amounts. About 9 lines.
  • Member receipts can do PDF attachments via email
  • Purchase of Subscriptions based on an Issue number
  • Post code table updated
  • In the Payments screen now can automatically run the member Receipts via a checkbox.
  • More integration to the Web
  • New Competency fields
  • scheduled for this year: Ability of an Employer to pay for Member's enrolments
  • When doing a mail merge to the same Word document, after it was left open, it can cause errors to be returned. This is rare and may apply to an older version of Word. There is now a warning to close down Word before continuing.
  • General cleanup of the look and feel of lookup lists.
  • In the Receipts report in Cash receipts added in the ability to add Family Member enrolments
  • In Activity put in a check-box to say Not Active and in the lookup added in the checkbox as a filter.
  • Family head check-box is now a selection in the Members report if Family module is on. It replaces the communication option.
  • In the Subscription there is now a system setting to set the Subs date to default to the last day of the month. If it calculates to the 1st or 2nd of the month it will revert to the previous month's end.
  • In the Payments screen There is an option to have shown "Over the counter" check-box.
  • New field option in the Payments screen to enter in an Initial (up to 3 characters).
  • Added in 2 extra comment fields to the Invoice system settings, that appear below the amount on the invoice.
  • Added into the Invoicing an option to show a Donation box on the invoice.
  • Extra Invoicing fields now included in the mail merge/file output.
  • Added in a validation button on the Invoicing Components screen. This checks that the amounts add up to what the Member type amount is. This can go out of whack if the fee amounts are changed, without first removing the components from the Member type components screen and re-adding them. It will also fix up the total amount.
  • Coming soon: The ability to set up what fields must be filled in before a save is allowed.
  • More BPay import format of data options
  • Ability to claim vouchers as payments in Team entries
  • Invoicing has the ability with "Rolling" to now only invoice members in a date range eg All members who have an Bill period expiry date between 2 dates, say 1/1/2011 and 31/1/2011 will do a monthly lot of members for January.
  • In Member reports the ability to search across 3 classifiers with multiple selections, eg If searching for any Member with a disability that appears in any 3 of the classifiers. These selections can be appended and the search restricted to a member with all of the selections.
  • What's new added to the Help menu. This retrieves information from the Web server.
  • The Members filter list has been sped up (Control+M) in the surname field.
  • Ability to add another address line related to the title of the member at the Employer, by re-using the "Other" field on the front screen. This can be repositioned above Employer/Company field.
  • In the Invoices the extra address (Employer title) is added in.
  • If changing the Surname of a member it will check if an enrolment exists and change the surname their if you answer Yes to the question. It will then check the Family table and update that if a Surname has changed.
  • Invoicing module: Extra information (batch number) being stored in the Invoice transaction record.
  • Added in the Build number of MASS on the login screen.
  • In the Backup, the Documents option was not included if a non-standard Documents path - fixed.
  • Added in the 2nd email address into the Members merge file, if exists.
  • New filters in the Enrolment report.
  • The shares an address checkbox can now be viewed on the front screen (or whatever new label name it was given)
  • Another way of running duplicate addresses in the End-of-period process – fixes a problem where a person may not be reset with a No in newsletter flag.
  • When subscribing and enrolling it is better at updating values in the Member screen without refreshing (F7/F8 or F9)
  • In the Members report added in a new report type - Company/Employer sort.
  • When producing a list of Member emails a list of members with no email address is included in a separate file.
  • In the Company(Employer) report added in the email address to the merge file.
  • After enrolling and using Cash receipts - if Save and Receipt selected - the Printing Selections page is better centred.
  • New fields added into the Import and Export module.
  • When enrolling can now enter a description for Cash Receipts Batch number.
  • When enrolling from the member screen and the enrolment screen is left open the previous member number is still there - this has been fixed.
  • Ability to create a second membership number with a number of predefined leading zeros into another (Registration) field, which is searchable. This happens on the Save.